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A Buyer’s look at 2009 Opportunities

There are no original-but-excessive descriptions left for the present condition of the world markets and growth projections.  Insert one that resonates with you here… We agree with it completely. K&R had an interesting discussion about what the 2009 recession means with a significant buyer of technology hardware, software and services.  The company provides services to […]

K&R Success Stories Published

K&R Negotiation Associates has published a few representative success stories on the K&R Web Site.  Here are excerpts and links to more information: K&R’s client turned a $150K annual loss into a $50K annual profit, while at the same time raising their own client’s satisfaction with the service. (more) K&R’s client realized 6.7M€ of revenue […]


In our recent rounds of negotiation consulting for our Clients’ year-end transactions, we saw one practice from a US-based sales executive that we admire greatly (both the practice and the executive).  You can use it, and if you are as successful as she is, you’ll be happy. It’s called the “Summary On A Page” (SOAP). […]

What The Nova Scotia Business Journal knows that you don’t

There was a recent article in the Nova Scotia Business Journal that contained a fundamental principle for successful negotiators.  In the article titled “Five Fatal Business Mistakes”, the author included the following: “The psychology of the customer is vital to marketing and sales success.  …The prescription has three parts: do the research, listen very carefully […]

Procurement gets a Ferrari

K&R does a lot of work near year-end.  In addition to delivering Negotiation Skills Workshops, we directly consult on sales that are projected (or sometimes just hoped) to close before December 31st. Having had many of these discussions lately, one thing struck me as a pervasive problem.  Many sellers who consulted with us said something […]

The Qualcomm and Nokia Patent Agreement

In a previous article we discussed Negotiation Leverage in the long-running, but recently settled Qualcomm/Nokia patent dispute.  Setting leverage aside, let’s look at just one of the reported terms of that agreement as an illustration of one of K&R’s Six Principles of Negotiation. The principle is this: “Terms Cost Money, Someone Pays the Tab (expense).” […]