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Join us for insights on how to negotiate a winning balance, where where both sides understand and appreciate the value they receive. As a result, you are more likely to forge a long-lasting relationship that yields more and better opportunities in the future. This idea underpins K&R Negotiations’ Win Wisely™ approach and underlines the importance of using leverage wisely.

K&R Negotiation Associates: Our Guiding Philosophy Revisited

Everything we do at K&R Negotiation is based on our philosophy, honed over several decades of helping the world’s leading companies achieve successful sales and business negotiation outcomes. We last shared this philosophy in late 2018 and it is time for a refresh. While some negotiations can be adversarial, negotiations as a defined business activity should be viewed as a positive process. The word negotiation itself often creates a lump in the throat if you are automatically inclined to picture tense standoffs, intimidation, manipulation, or a zero-sum game in which one side wins and the other side loses. Here is a better perspective: Negotiations are simply interactions between or among parties to bring about agreement. This in itself should be positive rather than adversarial. Negotiations…
Negotiating Contracts Uncertainty

Negotiating Contracts In A Volatile Economic Environment

For firms delivering services on long-term contracts, rising inflation has hit like a sledgehammer. The inability to raise rates due to resource rate or fixed price commitments threatens to jeopardize profitability as wages escalate by as much as 15%. Contracts signed before 2022 are in danger of becoming unprofitable, while competition for new business requires balancing price competition with intelligent contracting. If a vendor loses money on long-term contracts, this is also dangerous for the client. Failure to charge profitable rates can cause vendors to either lose money or cut the number or quality of resources, both of which jeopardize the quality of service—and potentially the customer’s own business. So, what can be done when the terms of a contract inhibit or prevent…
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Agenda Management Can Be Your Difference Maker (or Game Changer) in Negotiations

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the “time factor” — not only how you can manage it against other considerations but also how to use the high-level (or macro) agenda to help create agreements that have a significant impact on your success. You can read that article and case study here. The perspectives espoused in that article are even more true today, despite events of the intervening six years. It seems that there are plenty of voices promoting the philosophy of controlling every part of the sales process, including the agenda. However, in my view, too much is made of “agenda control.” It may sound nice to control the agenda, but all sides in a negotiation have issues that need to be addressed, so control is not as important as managing the agenda. The overall…

Three Essential Negotiation Do’s and Don’ts

During our conversation on the Sales Reinvented podcast, host Paul Watts asked me what I considered to be the three most essential do’s and don’ts of sales negotiations. After 30+ years negotiating and writing books and articles about sales negotiation strategies, narrowing the list of negotiation opportunities and pitfalls down to three was a tough challenge. Following are the three that first came to mind as I spoke with Paul, and upon reflection, they hold up as crucial to negotiation success. They are important because they relate to credibility (for both you and the company you represent) and your ability to accomplish the mission (e.g. making the sale), while creating and preserving a relationship that will get stronger over time. Practicing these common-sense approaches will always…

Five Reasons Soft Skills Are Crucial To Successful Negotiation

In a previous article, Negotiate Like a Pro: Ask the Right Questions, I wrote about the importance of understanding how to help your negotiation counterparts achieve their most important personal objectives while simultaneously serving the business needs of your respective organizations. If you are going to do business with someone, it must be related to enabling them to achieve a better future state. To get there, it is essential to have a genuine curiosity that your counterparts can sense. When they understand that you desire to improve their condition, they are more likely to follow and actually move closer to your way of thinking. In that regard, empathy is one of the most essential leadership characteristics. Many sales leaders may agree that capability (the ability to deliver),…
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Negotiate Like a Pro: Ask the Right Questions

As you may remember from part one of this series, Gaining and Maintaining Positive Leverage, I had the opportunity to join Kison Patel, CEO, and Founder of M&A Science, as his guest on the M&A Science podcast earlier this summer. Kison and I spent over an hour talking about negotiation strategies and tactics in an episode titled, How to Negotiate Like a Pro. You and your team may gain great value from the strategies and tactics we discussed so have a listen and share with your colleagues. In our practice, we use a tool called the Risk Reward and Action Matrix. Basically, the purpose is to clearly identify the drivers and inhibitors to a customer’s decision to act.  This tool outlines the rewards (benefits) your prospect will receive by taking the suggested action (e.g. purchasing…

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