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Forensic Forecasting – More business in 2009

We have added an article on Forensic Forecasting to the K&R Web Site.  The article begins: “Forensic” is an adjective meaning “appropriate for use in legal or public discussions”.  In today’s popular culture it often refers to the use of technical analysis for criminal cases.  We’re not taking your sales forecast to court, but we […]

More on Lose Credibility, Lose Leverage

Well, after last week’s “Lose Credibility, Lose Leverage” story about T-Mobile, Microsoft and the Sidekick, we can barely keep up.  Hitting the news this week: Microsoft and T-Mobile recover (sort of), IBM and the state of Indiana, “Balloon boy”, Raj Rajaratnam arrested, Energy Star© appliances that are not actually more efficient… Where will it all […]

Cash for Clunkers – Part 2

In our recent “Cash for Clunkers” post, we discussed leverage in government car purchase incentive programs.  One question we posed was: “who has more leverage – the salesperson or the buyer?”  We thought the buyer had more leverage, feeling that it was easier for them to walk away given how long they had already owned […]

A “Happy” view of value

“Admiral produces boringly good numbers” is a headline from the fall Times Online (UK).  At K&R, we often write about the linkage between value and negotiation success (or sales success).  Well-done value arguments are compelling.  They result in shorter selling cycles and in more revenue and profit.  Poorly done ones lead to longer sell cycles […]

Saving your way to prosperity

Times are tough.  The stock market is at 1997 levels.  Unemployment is high.  Sales are down.  You need to manage your business results for 2009.  What do you do, and why? If we were playing the television game show “Family Feud” (or Family Fortune, if you’re in London), the number one answer is…  Stop spending! […]