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An Outage at Netflix

A lovely (to us, not so much to Netflix) example of how to make a value argument in sales arose after a recent Netflix technical problem caused their web site to go down, and shipments of movies to stop for days. The unknown technical issue was rumored to be internal to a proprietary software solution […]

Oh No Mr. Bill! (Part 2) Patents at Qualcomm and Nokia

In our preceding article we applied the principle of Negotiation Leverage to a sales argument for replacement software.  The case we looked at used an overstated fear of the risks of lack of support to attempt to drive a client to buy a replacement.  We called it the “Oh No Mr. Bill!”[1] argument, because it […]

LogicaCMG and Dovetail

A recent agreement between these two companies yields a simple of example of the different values often seen by the two “sides” in a negotiation. LogicaCMG is a European IT and business services company.  Dovetail is a provider of payments systems.  They recently announced that LogicaCMG has acquired a “master license” to Dovetail’s payment systems […]