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It’s Not What You Know…

An old adage, frequently re-shaped in various ways, says, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In three steps, we’re going to link this to negotiations, to your credibility when negotiating, and to the news. Step 1: One of K&R’s key negotiation tools is the Leverage Cycle™. This cycle starts with patience and […]

The Trouble with Value

A recent Computerworld article covered a study done by the Harvard Medical School about the value of computerization in US hospitals.  The article led with the headline: “Computers don’t save hospitals money”.  This is not good news if you’re a seller of Information Technology solutions. First tip: Be prepared1. You can expect to hear about […]

Negotiation Anosognosia

Wikipedia says, “Anosognosia is a condition in which a person who suffers disability seems unaware of or denies the existence of his or her disability. This may include unawareness of quite dramatic impairments, such as blindness or paralysis.” The description could be applied to a negotiator who fails to recognize what everyone else can see […]

Principled Concession™ Poll – K&R’s Answers

Our thanks to those of you who voted in our latest poll, “Which of the following is a Principled Concession™?”  For those who need some reading on the definition, see our article here or the full list of our articles about this topic here. Without further delay, our answers: “Why don’t we split the difference?” […]

Advance Fee Fraud – Again

In September of 2008, we wrote about the concept of “Advance Fee Fraud”, and how sellers fall victim to the tactic from buyers in various forms.  A couple of those include promises of future business “if you give me a good deal now”, or “if we do a successful proof of concept”. Sometimes this practice […]

T-Mobile Credibility and Leverage… Again

You may recall our October article about T-Mobile’s Sidekick user data loss problem, or may have read some of the 25 or 26 million references available via a search for “T-Mobile data loss”. It is a simple, real-world example of how loss of credibility can hurt your business. T-Mobile’s public statements allow us to make […]