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M.O.R.E. – Negotiations and the Australian & International Pilots Association

An August article in Aviation Online Magazine caught our eye with this headline – “Qantas Airline Pilots Negotiate Job Security Not Pay Increase”.  It concerns bargaining between the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) and Australia’s largest airline.  Included in the article is a quote from the AIPA negotiations spokesperson that states that the pilots’ […]

Leverage: R.I.M. and the (various) Governments

A scan of most worldwide, business-oriented news sources will quickly find a set of stories about various national governments and Research in Motion (R.I.M.).  The government list will include (at least) Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, and Dubai, with references to the United States and China.  The core issue is this: Will R.I.M., which […]

The FCC and Harvard Medical School

A short time ago, we wrote about news of a study done by the Harvard Medical School concerning the value of computerization in US hospitals.  A Computerworld article led with the headline: “Computers don’t save hospitals money”.  The article stated that in spite of promises to the contrary, IT improvements in hospitals do not improve […]

Let’s Go to the Videotape

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter Quinn, Director of Vendor Management at SEI when he recorded a video about SEI’s experience using K&R Negotiations.  The video speaks for itself, and was written by SEI.  Peter’s words regarding K&R are relevant to most organizations. SEI is one of our few “buy-side” clients.  As […]

K&R’s Value Selling Poll

If you voted in our recent poll about selling with value, thanks!  Here are some thoughts about what our respondents said.  First, if you know us, you already know that we find that a strong value argument improves your leverage position, and enables you to ask (and get) a higher price for your product or […]

Oh No Mr. Bill! Your Software is Going End-of-Life.

When negotiating, you should be aware of the principle of Negotiation Leverage.  Leverage describes the use of facts, rationale or conditions to move the other party closer to your way of thinking.  Here are some simple examples: Your software is already installed and in production, or your services team has completed 2 phases of a […]

Is Your Software Better than Free?

Open software is in the news every day.  Much of it is licensed for free.  For priced software, K&R hears, time and again, sales pitches similar to this, “We’re providing you with $100,000 (Euros, Rupees, Rubles…) of software value for only $63,000 (just sign here).”  If you are a buyer, you have almost certainly heard […]

Coffee on the Nairobi Coffee Exchange

While many, including K&R’s own GM of Business Development, might argue that coffee could not possibly be a commodity (bought primarily on price), at the wholesale level it is.  Recent news from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) provides some simple examples from coffee sales that can be transferred to information technology sales.  In short, when […]

Monopoly Value, or Not?

K&R believes (and teaches) that you should understand your “leverage position” in a negotiation.  As a seller, the worst position you can have (in terms of the price you can get) is to be a commodity, the best is to be a monopoly.  As a buyer, you will get your best prices and terms when […]