Thoughts for the New Year

Email in-boxes are getting flooded with “Thanks for your business” and “Best wishes for the New Year” emails. While there is a certain mechanical nature to these, if you have a relationship, the sentiment is a reasonable one.

So…if you are one of our clients, you have probably already heard from us, but…

Thank you for your business. Our most sincere hope and one of the driving values of K&R is that we have provided a service which has had a positive impact on your business.

Whether you are our client or not…

Please accept our best wishes for success in the future, both personally and professionally. In addition to the daily concerns of our personal lives, we wish for improved conditions in the world on all fronts.

At year-end many people look back, and then forward.

We are in the midst of reviewing K&R’s mission, values, and our 2010 performance. Here is one set of data which could be useful to you if your business is in the planning cycle for 2011.
We looked at a random sample of evaluation forms received at K&R’s various Negotiation Training sessions, and here is what we found:

• Attendees’ overall satisfaction with K&R skills training is exceptionally high. On a 100 point scale, we rated a 93.8.
• 100% of our attendees believe that the skills we teach are useful, and 81% of them say they will use them within the month following the session. 26% say they actually use the skills within 2 days.
• 100% of attendees believe they will get a repeatable benefit from the skills.
• Attendees report that they expect to shorten their sales cycles by an average of 2.8 weeks.
• While not all people estimate a quantified outcome, those who do believe that their results will improve by 20%.

If you need a return on investment for your sales team that is essentially immediate, shortens your sales cycle, and can improve your financial performance by 20%, please consider K&R Negotiation Skills Training in 2011. If you don’t need that, then carry on as you are.

Happy New Year. (td)

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