Advance Fee Fraud – Again

In September of 2008, we wrote about the concept of “Advance Fee Fraud”, and how sellers fall victim to the tactic from buyers in various forms.  A couple of those include promises of future business “if you give me a good deal now”, or “if we do a successful proof of concept”.

Sometimes this practice is known as a “Nigerian 419 scam”, although that’s a bit unfair to Nigeria.  However, a recent article we saw on brought it all back when it stated, “Nigeria dropped nine places to 130th position out of the 180 countries ranked on the global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2009 by Transparency International (TI), a global anti-corruption watchdog.”

Review our article – don’t let a buyer convince you (as a seller) to advance them a benefit in anticipation of a reward that may never come.