Negotiation in Sales: Presenting the Value Argument that Wins in Highly Competitive Conditions

With pressure to meet earnings and revenue targets, expand new markets and make the most of every resource, today’s global sales force is the difference between success and failure. Communication and online information are leveling the playing field, creating an extremely competitive environment and shrinking margins.

Even the best products are one development cycle away from being leapfrogged in the marketplace. Competing on price is the path to becoming commoditized and to being robbed of the ability to present a unique value proposition. Ultimately, it’s your sales people—and their skills and experience—that will help you differentiate yourself, your solutions or your company in a highly competitive selling environment.

Watch as Mladen Kresic discusses negotiation leverage and uniqueness in this short video.

Sales professionals who know the art and science of negotiation can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. Successful negotiating begins with understanding your customers and the context in which you can provide them with value. Ultimately, what the customer values is the outcome to their business (or person) brought about by your solution. To have the greatest impact, the outcome should be measurable. That is why we talk about value-based negotiations being dependent on ViO—value, impact and outcome.

Our latest white paper on Successful Sales Negotiations in Highly Competitive Environments will help you turn sales negotiations into a value-based dialogue that generates better deals, bigger margins and improved close rates. The result is an opportunity for increased revenue as you build long-lasting relationships. You’ll learn how to:

  • Focus the discussions on the ViO to the client so you can get out of the price-cutting wars and into value-based sales
  • Position yourself to create leverage as a high-value partner instead of an interchangeable commodity
  • Avoid the most common negotiation pitfalls
  • Apply best practices to increase deal size and margin based on ViO

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