The Six Principles that Deliver Winning Negotiations

Whether we’re negotiating a compensation package with a new employer, trying to close a large purchase with a client, or even negotiating as a potential client, the critical process of negotiation touches all of our lives. The possibility of a win depends on our ability to create and maintain credibility and leverage.

K&R Negotiation Associates just released a free whitepaper: The Six Principles™ that Deliver Winning Negotiations. This report addresses key tenets of advanced negotiation in an easy-to-read presentation:

  • How to generate winning conditions, regardless of what is being negotiated, or with whom
  • Techniques that can create and maintain credibility and leverage
  • Six universal and underlying principles of negotiation

This whitepaper outlines these Six Principles and why they’re important for creating positive outcomes — so both parties can leave the table with their major objectives met and satisfied with the value they have received.

We hope that you enjoy it!