Negotiation and Leadership

K&R Negotiations’ Mladen Kresic Pens Guest Piece on Negotiation and Leadership for the Hartford Business Journal

K&R Negotiations co-founder and CEO Mladen Kresic recently penned a guest column for the Hartford Business Journal’s Talking Points section. The guest post discusses Kresic’s recent encounter with Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Paul Bucha, who was a captain of the 101st Airborne Division during the Vietnam War and, later in life, a successful business leader and chief executive.

While accompanying his son’s Cub Scout troop to hear a talk given by Bucha, Kresic was struck by how the principles of leadership described by the speaker were indispensable qualities for a good negotiator.

Bucha was only 25 years old when he led his men into battle. In describing the leadership traits that were indispensible to his men’s survival, he listed five: integrity, capability, confidence, compassion and humility.

When I heard him outline these traits, I realized how clearly applicable they are to all facets of life, particularly in negotiations.

negotiation process

In negotiations, if any of these traits are missing, leadership will be ineffective and outcomes will be compromised.

Kresic goes on to explain how these qualities are critical to the negotiation process. You can read the rest of the piece by following the link above. Thanks to the Hartford Business Journal and editor Norm Bell for including us.

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