Negotiating Seminars in a Box: K&R Negotiations Offers Free Video on Principles of Negotiation

Negotiating seminars often come at a price. For businesspeople who want a quick foundational primer on best practices without attending negotiation classes, K&R Negotiations now offers a complimentary, one-hour video – a negotiation seminar in a box.

The video features a talk conducted by K&R Negotiations CEO Mladen Kresic, whose firm has helped companies across the globe close hundreds of millions in deals using practical and proven methodology. Watch from the comfort of your home or office as one of the world’s negotiation experts shows you the foundational principles that have resulted in shorter close cycles, bigger deals, more repeat business and long-lasting, profitable relationships for K&R Negotiations clients.

In a short amount of time, you will learn these secrets of successful negotiation:

  • How to create positive negotiation leverage
  • How to use your leverage cycle to drive negotiations P&L
  • How to quickly discover the other party’s motivations and objectives
  • Your winning edge: How to gain the negotiation advantage
  • When and how to use concessions to negotiate a better deal

Like the negotiation classes that K&R successfully delivers all over the world, this one-hour video will help you to find agreement in a way that helps both parties discover and gain the most value, together. Join global negotiations expert Mladen Kresic as he introduces you to the concept of value-based negotiations leverage, and why it is a powerful tool for moving conversations to an agreement. Follow the link to get this powerful negotiation seminar in a box. It’s complimentary and it will illustrate principles that you can start applying today to drive bigger, better deals for you and your clients.

Summary: Negotiation seminars in a box: complimentary video offers powerful and effective primer in successful negotiations.