Negotiator Training Works: ROI for Global Training and Negotiating Firm

negotiation training resultsClient teams that walk out of our negotiating seminars come out with actionable tools they can immediately apply to shorten sales cycles; close bigger, better deals; and build lucrative, long-term relationships with the opportunity for more recurring business. It’s one thing to make the claim, quite another when a client’s own analysis supports that claim.

K&R Negotiations engaged with a global training and consulting firm for complete negotiation training aimed at closing more business for their services, based on the K&R Win Wisely methodology. They were quite pleased (and so were we!) with what they found:

  • The client’s closing ratio was 35% prior to negotiator training, with a targeted goal of 50%. After training, closing ratio increased to 73%.
  • The client’s goal for margin of improvement of all national deals was targeted at 15%. They exceeded this goal by attaining 17% improvement.
  • ROI for the client’s negotiator training was calculated at 271.5% for a seven-month payback period.

This is a strong testament to the value of investing in your staff’s negotiation skills. Our global client was not the first to report results like these. If you would like to learn more about how K&R Negotiations helps clients Win Wisely at the negotiating table, please see our negotiation success stories.