Mladen Kresic’s Negotiation Advice for CEOs Featured on Chief Executive

Delineating how and when senior management will take part in negotiations is an important factor in maintaining position and outcome. When a member of senior management’s personal timeline or motivations clash with an already established value argument, money can be left on the table.

K&R Negotiations CEO Mladen Kresic used a deal from the firm’s client case files to illustrate just how this can happen in Negotiation Lessons: When CEO Meddling Degrades the Deal, a contributed article that was featured this October at

“It’s easy to become emotionally invested in a deal, especially a complex one that requires a significant time and resource commitment from you and your team. Nobody wants to simply walk away from something they have cultivated for months—even when the value of the deal begins to degrade.”

Mladen offers several takeaways from the case study that serve as good counsel for CEOs whose teams have a big deal on the hook and may or may not need the chief’s “help.” We’d like to thank for accepting our contribution. We’re honored to be included.