K&R’s Mladen Kresic Contributes to Thomson Reuters’ Legal Solutions Blog

Thomson Reuters’ Legal Solutions Blog recently featured a guest post from K&R Negotiations CEO Mladen Kresic, who penned a piece about the importance of lawyers not getting too lost in legal terms and keeping an eye on their client’s business value:

“When brought on as the legal member of a business negotiation team, it’s natural that we view the process through a legal filter. But sometimes attorneys get lost in the purely legal dimensions of the negotiation process and lose sight of the fact that we are ultimately there to provide business value for our clients.”

The post features an example of a negotiation in which K&R was involved—and in which one lawyer solved a business negotiation impasse by discovering and addressing the business value of the critical term over which the two parties disagreed. The takeaway is this: if there is no business rationale for a legal term in an agreement, chances are it won’t help a lawyer deliver business value to his or her client.

We’d like to thank Thomson Reuters for including us. We hope to contribute again in the future!