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Join us for insights on how to negotiate a winning balance, where where both sides understand and appreciate the value they receive. As a result, you are more likely to forge a long-lasting relationship that yields more and better opportunities in the future. This idea underpins K&R Negotiations’ Win Wisely™ approach and underlines the importance of using leverage wisely.

Five Reasons Soft Skills Are Crucial To Successful Negotiation

In a previous article, Negotiate Like a Pro: Ask the Right Questions, I wrote about the importance of understanding how to help your negotiation counterparts achieve their most important personal objectives while simultaneously serving the business needs of your respective organizations. If you are going to do business with someone, it must be related to enabling them to achieve a better future state. To get there, it is essential to have a genuine curiosity that your counterparts can sense. When they understand that you desire to improve their condition, they are more likely to follow and actually move closer to your way of thinking. In that regard, empathy is one of the most essential leadership characteristics. Many sales leaders may agree that capability (the ability to deliver),…
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Negotiate Like a Pro: Ask the Right Questions

As you may remember from part one of this series, Gaining and Maintaining Positive Leverage, I had the opportunity to join Kison Patel, CEO, and Founder of M&A Science, as his guest on the M&A Science podcast earlier this summer. Kison and I spent over an hour talking about negotiation strategies and tactics in an episode titled, How to Negotiate Like a Pro. You and your team may gain great value from the strategies and tactics we discussed so have a listen and share with your colleagues. In our practice, we use a tool called the Risk Reward and Action Matrix. Basically, the purpose is to clearly identify the drivers and inhibitors to a customer’s decision to act.  This tool outlines the rewards (benefits) your prospect will receive by taking the suggested action (e.g. purchasing…

Negotiate Like a Pro: Gaining and Maintaining Positive Leverage

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join Kison Patel, CEO, and Founder of M&A Science, as his guest on the M&A Science podcast. Kison and I spent over an hour talking about negotiation strategies and tactics in an episode titled, How to Negotiate Like a Pro. I think you will enjoy the discussion and most important, find some valuable nuggets to help improve your and your team’s negotiation effectiveness. If you work in the business arena, negotiation is usually part of your job description. And this is especially true in sales and procurement. You are negotiating price, terms, delivery, product specifications and many other items, including subtle factors like whether your prospect considers you a business peer or subservient. I’ve been practicing and teaching business…
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Virtual Negotiations Are Here To Stay — Now What?

From many conversations with business colleagues, it seems that there are three categories of thought when it comes to the pandemic and its impact on the world of business, especially sales negotiations. Some believe that things will return to what they were in the pre-Covid-19 years. Many believe that we are in an entirely new normal where the business environment has permanently changed. Then there are those, like myself, who believe the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Yes, things have changed dramatically over the past year, and some of those changes will stay with us. The sales profession has undergone a profound transformation, especially in the B2B world, from the established face-to-face (F2F) model, to one where the entire sales cycle, even on big-ticket purchases, is often…

Messaging Consistency Is Vital For Sales And Negotiation Success

I was recently asked to provide my thoughts on how to better align sales and marketing teams for a Forbes Councils expert panel. Given limited space, I answered as follows: “To align the combined sales and marketing team, the messaging and materials need to be consistent. Also, the marketing staff will benefit from sitting in on sales calls and later-stage negotiations to learn more about real-life buyer objections and motivations and how to address them with more compelling marketing approaches that align with customer and sales force expectations.” While this is a fine short answer, it deserves a deeper discussion. In our consulting and training practice, we’ve seen major deals disrupted due to inconsistent messaging. I have observed executives backpedal over something their sales…

Attributes of a Successful Sales Negotiator

The thought for this post originated from my recent interview by Paul Watts of Sales Reinvented. Paul asked great questions about how sales reps can improve their negotiations with prospects and customers. This was a very timely topic given the recent changes, in the way sales reps communicate with their prospects and customers. You can listen to the entire podcast here. Why do so many salespeople and managers struggle with negotiation issues? The primary reason is that negotiation is often viewed as an adversarial process by parties on each side trying to get the upper hand. Most sales professionals want to be liked by their customers. They want to please them. However, to some, negotiations feel like they’re putting that relationship on shaky ground. To address this issue, sales professionals…

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