K&R Negotiation Associates’ Mladen Kresic Quoted in Stamford Advocate Story on the Washington Debt Deal

Mladen Kresic Quoted in Stamford Advocate

Through all the twists, turns and spin from both Republicans and Democrats, we have been musing on how the high-stakes budget negotiation game in Washington reflected some of the lessons of good negotiation strategy. We weren’t the only ones thinking about the business implications of the debt deal: The Stamford Advocate’s Richard Lee wrote a story about the negotiations’ potential impact on businesses, and included our perspective.

“With some foresight and a realization that the issue would be volatile, Congress should have started the review more than a year ago, with a line-by-line examination of spending and income to determine areas of agreement,” said Mladen Kresic of K&R Negotiation Associates in Ridgefield.

“There is a noble goal. The short-term perception of a political win will come at the expense of a long-term win,” he said, not surprised that the issue was not addressed sooner. “People don’t act until the pressure is on. It’s going to continue to be a political football.”

Thanks to Mr. Lee for letting us contribute. Here’s the full story; Debt limit crisis leaves corporations looking for answers.