Let’s Go to the Videotape

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter Quinn, Director of Vendor Management at SEI when he recorded a video about SEI’s experience using K&R Negotiations.  The video speaks for itself, and was written by SEI.  Peter’s words regarding K&R are relevant to most organizations.

SEI is one of our few “buy-side” clients.  As we have delivered more sessions there, we find that their sell-side has become more heavily represented, because the material is practical and relevant to the whole organization.  In addition, SEI has always emphasized that their vendors are important to them as partners and customers.  In our experience, SEI is one organization that “walks the talk” on this position, at all levels of their company. At SEI the entrepreneurial spirit Peter speaks about is alive and well.  It makes for a vibrant and enjoyable workplace for SEI employees and organizations like K&R.

The video also points out some ways that K&R is unique, including customization of the content, teaching immediately actionable skills, and emphasizing relevance to SEI’s unique business.  These are things which are important to SEI’s success, and which are a part of the K&R model.

Peter’s Vendor Management team has created a unique and powerful vendor management tool.  It has the flexibility to balance the need for complex compliance and reporting needs for some vendors with “lighter touch” procedures for others.  He gave us a demonstration, and it does an outstanding job of leading vendor owners through process needs without being overbearing and paper-bound.  Users get a sense of confidence that they are doing what they need, without a lot of unnecessary content or processes that they don’t need.

Several of the K&R tools are integrated into the process and their use is mandatory (and effective) for more complex negotiations.

Enough… Let’s go to the videotape. (td)

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