Define Value, Win Credibility and Respect at the Negotiation Table

Define Value, Win Credibility and Respect at the Negotiation Table with a Few Simple Questions

Have you ever heard this from a customer during a discussion? “We’d like an additional 10% discount. If you give this discount to me, we can close the deal.” Sellers hear this all the time. More often than not, sellers concede immediately in the interest of getting the fast close. But is this the correct response? Let’s consider the advantages. As a seller, if the deal really closes after you give the quick discount, you can count the revenue and move on to the next deal. And maybe the client likes you for that moment. Read more

Shaping Your Value Argument

Shaping Your Value Argument: Know Your Internal Audiences on the Client Side and Close the Deal

Relentless and thorough preparation is where negotiators on the vendor side shortchange themselves. It’s a major point of focus during our negotiation training, and one of the most critical aspects of this is considering the various groups of stakeholders across the table that need to understand and buy your value argument. Crafting your value argument – the ultimate answer to the question, “What’s in it for us?” – can fall flat and jeopardize the deal if your argument is presented with only one kind of stakeholder in mind.

The diagram below shows the relationship between roles, motivations (measurement concerns) and relative numbers of people that are typical at many lines of business. Read more