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negotiation skills trainingOutcome-based negotiation skills training emphasizes real-world challenges you face every day. Truly effective negotiation skills training workshops teach the framework, tools and skills you need for highly effective negotiations, not a series of bargaining games or tactics. You then can these skills for your immediate advantage.


How Sales and Negotiation Skills Training Can Fail the Front Line

I recently noticed and greatly enjoyed Dave Stein’s LinkedIn Pulse post, “If I Have to Sit Through One More B.S. Sales Training Class…” Dave discusses the major pet peeves of a sales “heavy hitter” who bristles at the thought of sitting through sales training meetings conducted by people who have never sold, don’t know sales’ specific challenges or how to …

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Do You Want to Be Successful? A Better Negotiator? Break These Three Bad Listening Habits

Forging a winning deal depends largely on your ability to gather as much information as possible about the other side’s market position, motivations and goals. This holds equally true at the organizational, departmental and personal levels. Better information means a more finely tuned value argument and increased credibility, both of which mean more positive leverage that will help you close. …

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The 7 Line Rule

A client made us aware of this “rule” recently, which seemed worth passing on. Why? Because the rules for getting someone’s attention have changed. The rule: Do you have a key message for a client (or for your manager)? Keep the heart of it to 7 lines or less. Because these days, that is how much of the message a …

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Value, Benefit, and Cost in Negotiations

In a K&R Negotiation Skills Training Workshop toward the end of last year, one of our clients brought in this formula… Value = Benefit – Cost Not perfect, but persuasive in many ways.  Let’s discuss a couple of critical pieces of it. The first negotiating mistake we see related to this is that “value” is one of the most misused …

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