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Negotiation Examples: The Value of Persistence

I often ask people, “Who are the best negotiators in the world?” The most common answer is, “Children.” Yet, children have never been trained in negotiations (certainly not by us). What makes them such naturally effective negotiators? There are a number of answers to that question. For example, children use tactics of emotional blackmail (screaming in a public place) or …

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Sales Negotiator Training: Better Forecasting Closes More Deals

Sales forecasting is a critical activity for any team, but many companies have a hard time getting it right. Business pressures or subjective measures – emotions and opinion – often have too much weight, and distort the process. For business leaders who want to give their teams a dependable way of analyzing deals so they can focus on activities that …

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Define Value, Win Credibility and Respect at the Negotiation Table

Define Value, Win Credibility and Respect at the Negotiation Table with a Few Simple Questions Have you ever heard this from a customer during a discussion? "We’d like an additional 10% discount. If you give this discount to me, we can close the deal." Sellers hear this all the time. More often than not, sellers concede immediately in the interest …

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Shaping Your Value Argument

Shaping Your Value Argument: Know Your Internal Audiences on the Client Side and Close the Deal Relentless and thorough preparation is where negotiators on the vendor side shortchange themselves. It’s a major point of focus during our negotiation training, and one of the most critical aspects of this is considering the various groups of stakeholders across the table that need …

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Overcoming Negotiation "Dealbreakers": K&R’s MID Chart of Goals™

How often have you encountered a "must have," a "need" or a "dealbreaker" in a negotiation? People on both sides of the table can be unnecessarily painted into a corner when these supposed "non-starter" positions are expressed. But in reality, there are very few dealbreakers in negotiations. More often than not, the true problem is that people in negotiations have …

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Negotiation and Leadership

K&R Negotiations’ Mladen Kresic Pens Guest Piece on Negotiation and Leadership for the Hartford Business Journal K&R Negotiations co-founder and CEO Mladen Kresic recently penned a guest column for the Hartford Business Journal’s Talking Points section. The guest post discusses Kresic’s recent encounter with Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Paul Bucha, who was a captain of the 101st Airborne Division …

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