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The Six Principles that Deliver Winning Negotiations

Whether we’re negotiating a compensation package with a new employer, trying to close a large purchase with a client, or even negotiating as a potential client, the critical process of negotiation touches all of our lives. The possibility of a win depends on our ability to create and maintain credibility and leverage. K&R Negotiation Associates just released a free whitepaper: …

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My Perspective on the U.S. Debt Ceiling Negotiation

After weeks of suspense and considerable acrimony, the U.S. debt ceiling negotiations were resolved (for now, at least) in the 11th hour on August 2. From the perspective of someone who makes a living showing private and public sector organizations how to negotiate to create win/win situations, I followed the proceedings with interest. And there is no doubt in my …

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K&R Negotiation Associates’ Mladen Kresic Quoted in Stamford Advocate Story on the Washington Debt Deal

Through all the twists, turns and spin from both Republicans and Democrats, we have been musing on how the high-stakes budget negotiation game in Washington reflected some of the lessons of good negotiation strategy. We weren’t the only ones thinking about the business implications of the debt deal: The Stamford Advocate’s Richard Lee wrote a story about the negotiations’ potential …

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